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2014 Ferndale Lighted Tractor Parade

December 2014

My most favorite night in Ferndale is the annual Lighted Tractor Parade. I love the creativity the local ranchers and other citizens show each year in decorating their tractors and coming up with new themes.

This year was no different, and with a record number of entries and a super slow parade pace led by the chief of police, the parade provided quite a bit of time to admire all the floats. Even better, the conditions were almost perfect. Just enough rain before the parade to wet the streets which makes the reflection of all those lights even prettier, and not too much rain during the parade that I had to put the camera away.

There were lots of great floats this year, and the usual contenders were there, impressive as ever. But the one that made me chuckle the most was this little girl driving her toy tractor, with her little brother riding in the little red wagon she was pulling. Can’t get them started too young!

You can find the rest of the Ferndale Lighted Tractor Parade photos from this year and previous years in the gallery section of my web site.

Ferndale Lighted Tractor Parade


November 2014

This month we had to put down the last of our older cats, Trevor. He showed up 12 years ago and we don’t know how old he was when he showed up. His health had been failing the last few months as his body wasn’t absorbing most of the food he ate or the water he drank. So for the fourth time in the last year, we had to make that awful decision to down one of our cats.

We’re now left with just the two kittens, Darcy and Bingley, although they are barely kittens any more. This photo is of Darcy, in one of his sweet tender moments. Surprisingly, Darcy is the real rascal of the two, he’s most often the one instigating fights, and even more surprising, he gets the best of Bingley, even though Bingley probably has a couple of pounds on Darcy at this point.

But when he settles down, he’s a great comfort, and he’s quite the softy, a real treat to pet.

Darcy taking a nap on my lap

Ghostly Things Going On In The Parlor

October 2014

It’s that spooky time of the year when all types of aberrations might appear, especially when you live in a 126 year old house. So it wasn’t surprising when I noticed this ghostly form passing through earlier this month. Fortunately, I had my camera ready and was able to capture what was barely visible with the naked eye.

Ghost in the parlor

Dancing on Water

July 2014

I first came across Clear Lake as a name while perusing Route 1 on Google Earth. Not to be confused with the Clear Lake in Oregon, this Clear Lake is really more of a pond. It took me awhile to find it, and it was actually by chance when I found it while riding my KLR650 in the area.

Seeing what a beautiful spot it was, I thought it would make a perfect spot for a photo shoot some day. The surface of the pond is usually quite still, providing a perfect refection of the trees and sky.

While photographing the Ferndale Dance Academy production this year, I heard that Sofia, one of their dancers, was moving to Washington soon. Sofia is one of the students who makes it so interesting photographing the FDA production year after year. She is one dancer who I’ve watched grow from a little girl, into a very talented dancer. Before she left, I really wanted to photograph her, and so the concept for Dancing on Water was born.

I didn’t want to use a Photoshop reflection for the photo, because that’s one of my pet peeves. Real reflections aren’t just an upside down image, they’re a different view. In a true reflection you’ll see the underside of areas that aren’t visible in the subject. So the biggest task was finding a way to do this that provided a real reflection, yet would keep Sofia safe and dry. It ended up being a very cost effective solution, after I dreamed of more expensive ways to do it.

Sofia ended up being a great model, and at the end of the evening, I was sorry I had to return her to her parents. They promised they’ll be back in October, so stay tuned, there might just be some more Sofia photos later this year.

Sofia, dancing on water

Once Upon A Time – Ferndale Dance Academy

June 2014

Last month’s Picture of the Month was a publicity shot for Ferndale Dance Academy’s spring recital, Once Upon A Time. This month I photographed the dress rehearsal, and then two days later, I sat in the audience and watched the show.

After watching the actual show, I’m always amazed how much I miss when my face is behind the camera. Even when I’m using a wide angle lens and focusing on the whole stage, I still miss a lot. I’m always sad to see people so caught up in filming their life that they miss their life. Fortunately this year all photography was banned during the show so parents could just relax and actually watch the results of all their child’s hard work.

And the results were spectacular! Every year Laura East has produced a better show than the previous years, a string unbroken since 2003 when the first one was held.

The number of dancers that were doing pointe this show was the highest ever, and it really added to the show. Sharon Harrison had a leading role as the blue bird, and her performance was outstanding, mimicking the awkward movements of a bird, all the while being so graceful as only a ballerina can. She made it all look so easy during the rehearsals, but at the end of one of them she looked like she was in absolute pain, I thought for sure she was going to need to quit. Yet at the next run through she was back out there on her toes, making it look so easy.

The complete set of photos from Once Upon A Time can be viewed, and prints purchased from the Ferndale Dance Academy gallery.

Sharon Harrison

Blue Bird

May 2014

While shooting the group shots for the Ferndale Dance Academy, I couldn’t help notice one dancer in particular. Not only is Sharon Harrison becoming a very talented ballet artist, but her peacock colored costume was very eye catching.

I asked Laura East if I could take a few pictures of Sharon after we did the group shots since I was set up with lights, and shooting in the dance studio provides the room for giant leaps that were always hard to do in my studio.

Laura had a lot going on trying to manage 60 young girls and their parents, and even though it looked like she didn’t need any further distractions she agreed.

So after the group shots I quickly shot Sharon in a variety of poses, some still, and some action shots, like this one of her doing a fantastic dance move, that I would provide the name of if I knew anything about ballet. Which I don’t, except that I find it amazing that these girls can do what they do.

You can see this year’s Ferndale Dance Academy production, Once Upon A Time, June 20 & 21, at Eureka High School.

Sharon Harrison showing off her ballet moves

Mill Creek Falls – Take Two

After my disastrous first trip to Mill Creek Falls, I knew I wanted to go back and complete my mission.

Fortunately, I found out that my equipment was well covered by my State Farm policy and there was no deductible. I had sent the D600 and the 24-70mm back to Nikon for repair. It turned out opposite of what I expected. They were able to repair the lens but the camera was damaged beyond repair. So I ended up buying a lightly used demo D600 off of Ebay that came with a couple of lenses including a 70-300mm, for less than it would have cost to buy a D610.

On my return trip, I made sure the D600 was firmly locked to my tripod. It’s still a precarious spot to photograph, because there’s little room to set anything down without the fear that it’s going to slide down the rocks and into a pool of water. But I managed to explore a few different angles and got some nice shots.

I’d like to come back sometime when the water is really running. It’s been a drought year, so not the best conditions for waterfall viewing.

But still, it’s nice to know that Humboldt County has at least one pretty waterfall.

Mill Creek Falls

Prehistoric Bowling Balls

It’s been awhile since I’ve hiked out to the beach at Octopus Rock. I’m not even sure if that’s the right name for it, but I remember someone calling it that once. Anyways, it’s the beach along Mattole Road, just before it turns back inland on it’s way to Petrolia.

One of the thing I like about this beach is the tide pools, and particularly, the rocks you find that collect in the larger ones. Many of them develop a pattern of holes that makes them look like Barney Rubble’s bowling balls, only they’ve eroded over the millennia.

Prehistoric Bowling Balls