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Waddington Sunrise

Picture of the Month – January 2006

The New Year got off to a rocky start in the Northcoast. Coming off a very wet December, the ground was already saturated when a major storm hit New Year’s Eve. Ferndale and much of Humboldt County lost power for a couple of days and New Years day brought very high tides that contributed to the highest rise of the Eel River since 1995. The first few days of the year I worked with the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department but once power was restored and things got back to a bit more normal pace I did get a chance to take a few pictures. There is a section of farmland off of Waddington that I’ve had my eyes on photographing during a flood for some time. Seeing my chance one morning I drove out there and was rewarded with this beautiful sunrise. Waddington Sunrise

Fernbridge Sunrise

Picture of the Month – February 2004

The entrance to Ferndale from Highway 101 passes over the historic and much loved Fernbridge. At the time when it was built in 1911, it was the longest concrete bridge ever built. It has survived earthquakes and floods, and during the major flood in 1964, it even survived getting hit by the bridges that collapsed upstream on the Eel. I woke up early this morning specifically to take pictures of the bridge in the early morning light. Sometimes you get a hunch about what the weather will do here. While the clouds didn’t end up lighting up as I expected them, the artwork they did create was very unique, and I was happy I got up early to witness it.

Backyard Sunrise

Picture of the Month – January 2004

The morning I took this picture I noticed the cloud formation first thing when I woke up. I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera and scooted out the door. I had planned to drive down to a flood plain on the outskirts of Ferndale to a location I had scouted earlier. When I got to my truck, I found the windshield was totally iced over, a rare occurance in Ferndale. It had gotten so cold at night that the side windows had even frozen shut. So since I knew that by the time I got the truck defrosted enough to drive it that the sunrise would be over, I made do with taking a series of panoramic photos in my backyard that I then stitched together to make a 180 degree view. The portion presented here is about half of the view. I’m very lucky to live in such a scenic area that I can walk out my front or back door and shoot beautiful sunrises and sunsets.