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Avenue of the Giants

Picture of the Month – July 2008

It’s been a cold and gray summer on the North Coast, and after a couple of weeks of not seeing the sun, it was time to head somewhere where a little sunshine could be had. Usually I’d head down Hwy. 36, but with all the forest fires going it’s been pretty smoky inland. So instead Lori and I picked a few random turnouts along the Avenue of the Giants and went hiking. I brought along my panoramic head so I could get a pano of the avenue. This shot encompasses more than 180 degrees, and is very deceptive because the road was actually straight in the middle section.
Avenue of the Giants

Skeleton Tree Panorama

Picture of the Month – May 2008

On my annual Memorial Day Weekend motorcycle trip into the boonies with my buddy Blake, we took our KLR650′s up to what I’ve dubbed Skeleton Tree. I was hoping to photograph the tree under a spectacular sunset, but we experienced pretty dismal weather for the weekend. So instead I decided to use my panoramic head and create a moody 180 degree view of the area.

Green Trees

Picture of the Month – March 2008

Just like last month’s photo, this photo resulted from a motorcycle trip for a mental health day. I decided to explore some of southern Humboldt County on the KLR650, gathering photos for Roger Rodoni’s re-election web site that I was working on. My goal was to get to Shelter Cove for the sunset, and I took a back way from Garberville to Shelter Cove that I had never done before. While the sunset in Shelter Cove was less than stellar, I did really enjoy riding through this valley, with all the lush green trees and grass. It reminded me of some of the natural parks in England that Capability Brown designed. Only this one was really designed by Mother Nature herself. Green Trees

Ancient Bristlecone Pines

Picture of the Month – July 2004

On the way back from a photography convention in Las Vegas, Lori and I stopped at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains. I first learned of these knarly trees during a seminar with Galen Rowell. Unfortunately, due to a late snow we weren’t able to go photograph them. Two other trips to the eastern Sierras also resulted in weather problems for getting access. So I figured the end of July should be ok to finally see them. We planned to photograph the sunset in the Patriarch Grove area, but heavy clouds destroyed the light. On the way back down the mountain, the sun broke through the clouds so we parked in one of the viewpoints. First I photographed some of the pines being lit with the warm late afternoon sunlight, but soon the show became the sky itself. This photograph was my favorite from the spectacular sunset that we didn’t expect. Ancient Bristlecone Pines