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Westport Waves

Picture of the Month – November 2006

On my way home from a business meeting in Fort Bragg I had planned to spend some time shooting the surf at sunset. I even had the spot picked out. On the way there though I realized that I forgot to fill up on gas, and the only place close by with a gas station was Westport and they might be closing soon. My hopes of getting to Westport, filling up, and then returning to the beach by sunset were dashed. But I figured it would be better to get the gas before the store closed or it would be a long walk home. Without even knowing that I was out looking for spots to photograph, the clerk in the store in Westport mentioned a great nearby beach that is great for taking photos. So I took her suggestion and made my way there. The surf was really up from a storm coming in, and some of the waves were spraying 40-50 feet in the air. A great sunset added to it, and it’s definitely a beach I’ll be returning to. Westport Waves

Westport, California

Picture of the Month – August 2003

I had an assignment to photograph Glass Beach in Fort Bragg so I decided to make a motorcycle trip out of it. When I left Ferndale it was foggy as it often is, but it cleared up quickly as it often does. It stayed clear all the way until I reached the coast again just past Westport, where I noticed the fog bank was starting to roll in. I couldn’t resist stopping for this picture, even though I knew I might not make it to Fort Bragg in time. Sure enough by the time I got to Glass Beach I was greeted with an overcast sky. Even though I took some good pictures, the travel magazine that wanted them was looking for something sunnier so they didn’t end up getting used. So it was a good thing I stopped and took this picture, otherwise the trip would have been for naught. Westport, California