Brandenic USA LLC spam & fraud

I kept receiving emails from this company, Brandenic USA LLC, advertising their digital marketing services. They were sent to an email address that is associated with and organization that I am the webmaster for.

The email listed the deficiencies they found in the website, which they could of course fix for a fee. Now being a webmaster myself, I knew that the things they listed in their email were not true, such as their claim that the site wasn’t mobile friendly.

Now normally, I don’t even read the messages that end up in my spam folder such as this one. But this company spammed me over and over in the course of a couple of days. So I decided I would use them as an example to see about taking a spam abuser to small claims court, which is allowed under California law.

Their emails had an unsubscribe link, which I had never subscribed to in the first place. Normally it’s a bad think to click on those links unless it’s a reputable company sending the email. But I figured it would boost my case to be able to prove that I tried to unsubscribe. I documented that process with a screen shot.

Sure enough, I continued to receive emails from them. Each email was now worth $1000 to me. After the second one, I decided to start pursuing a small claims case against them. The first step is to do a search on the LLC name, to find their address (which they don’t publish on their web site), and the legal contact for the corporation so that person can be served with the lawsuit papers.

What I found is that Brandenic USA LLC is not registered in the state of California. Using Duck Duck Go, I then did a search for Brandenic, and found sites with complaints that people had been defrauded by this company. The lawyers advised them that since they couldn’t find a legal filing for Brandenic USA LLC in the state database, there wasn’t much they could do.

Oh well, there went my small claims case. I can’t sue someone that doesn’t exist.

But if you receive the same emails from James Parker at Brandenic USA LLC, I wouldn’t give him your money.

Yelp reviews of Brandenic USA LLC were enlightening too.