In 1995, while working as a programmer for a small software company in Silicon Valley, Matt Knowles received his introduction to the World Wide Web. Back in those days the Internet wasn’t the commercial monster that it has become today, but instead it was far more community oriented, with most web sites being created to share one’s knowledge or passion for a certain hobby.

Looking for some way to contribute, Matt began working on building a web site for the Victorian Preservation Association. The work he did for that web site caught the attention of the owner of the Gingerbread Mansion Inn in Ferndale, and he soon had his first commercial client. So three years later when his employer announced they were closing, he figured the time was right to strike out on his own. Combining his love of photography with his design and programming experience, he created a one stop shop for people looking to get a quality web site built. Aesthetic Design & Photography was started on April 1, 1999, no foolin’!

With much of his early web design work being with bed & breakfasts in the Ferndale area, the repeated trips north convinced Matt he wanted to live in the country. So in 2000 Matt and his wife, Lori, moved to Ferndale, where the business resides today.

Matt Knowles

About Matt Knowles

When he’s not working he can usually be found working in the garden, restoring his 1888 Victorian house, or if by some lucky chance all his chores are done, he’s out riding his motorcycle and taking pictures.

Born in San Jose and a resident there most of his life, Matt was surprised to find out shortly after moving to Ferndale that his great grandfather, John Knowles, lived and is buried in Fortuna, a town just 5 miles away from where he lives now. A fortuitous chain of events conspired to make it possible for Matt to live in one of the best places a motorcycling photographer could hope to end up, and for that he is very thankful.