We’ve seen a number of images similar to this one come through our shop, and we’re not sure if they really are photos or not. They appear very realistic as if they started with photos and then retouched them into something that looks more like a drawing or painting. Sometimes they are in color, appearing like hand tinted photos of the era, but often they are monochrome like this one.

They are usually oval, and if the frame is still around, they’re typically mounted behind a piece of convex bubble glass. The substrate they are printed on is a light cardboard which at least in humid Ferndale, almost always has some spotting.

This particular image had a rough life, with some water damage, a few tears, and a large portion was completely missing. Fortunately, the section missing was just the plane studio background and it was fairly easy to replace, keeping the texture and gradation present on the other side.

If you know more about these particular type of images were created, please drop us a line.

Victorian Portrait of a GentlemanVictorian Portrait of a Gentleman Restored