Michelle, Robert, Bricen & Carson

August 2020

This month I had a return visit from Michelle’s family, and was introduced to their youngest son, Carson. I first photographed Michelle for her senior portrait, and then I used her as a model for my Pirating Under a Full Moon photo.

The last time I took their family portrait we used our backyard as a plan B because the beach was too foggy. This time, using our backyard was plan A, and it worked just as well.

Lori and I have been enjoying our fire pit area as it allows us to sit outside on Ferndale’s typical chilly evenings. The fact that we often make S’mores just adds to the relief the area has given us from the boredom of sheltering in place during the Covid-19 emergency.

So I thought it would be a fun thing to photograph Michelle’s family enjoying S’mores. We moved the fire pit back to our park area by the creek, and I photographed them without posing while they made their snacks. Initially, Carson was a bit shy, but when he got his first taste of a S’more, he instantly became very photogenic.

Making S'mores


July 2020

After being shut in due to the Covid-19 emergency for several months, I found my need to get outside and be creative was pretty strong. I’ve done a few Covid safe shoots, and this shoot with Cassandra had better images, but I though this one was such a strong sign of the times, that I thought it should be the POTM.

My wife Lori has been busy for several months sewing masks and she thought she’d make some patriotic ones, because wearing a mask is one of the most patriotic things you can do right now, despite what our idiot leader thinks. Our lives and our economy won’t get back to normal until we beat this disease, and we won’t beat it spreading it due to mistaken ideas of what freedom is.

Since I had the stars and stripes bikini from a previous shoot, I though it would be fun to combine it with Lori’s mask.

Hope you’re all staying say, doing proper social distancing, and wearing a mask when out in public.

Covid-19 Bikini Shoot

Social Distancing

June 2020

Tired of being stuck inside, I thought a shoot at the beach could be managed under social distancing rules. Brandy met me at the South Spit, and I used my telephoto lens for the entire shoot so we could stay some distance from each other.

There were two problems with the shoot however. First and foremost, we have the most unpredictable weather around here and even though it was sunny all day, right when we left Arcata the fog started rolling in. Not the weather I wanted for the shoot at all, as the goal was to have the sun streaming through the sheer petticoat.

The other problem was that due to shooting from a fair distance, I didn’t notice wardrobe malfunctions like twisted straps and underwear being worn backwards until I was editing the photos. So we definitely plan to try this shoot again on a better weather day.

Brandy at the beach

Garberville Wildflowers

May 2020

While driving the Humboldt County backroads taking pictures of remote houses for insurance companies, I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous native wildflowers in bloom everywhere. One house I stopped at had a whole hillside covered in Blue-Eyed Grass, which is good to know if I ever need more for my garden.

Poppies were everywhere too, and as they’re one of my favorite flowers, I was happy to repeatedly pull over and photograph them when I saw particularly good displays. This old oak tree surrounded by poppies growing in between the boulders was my favorite.

Garberville Poppies


January 2020

I met Brandy while I was working my other job as a Fire Inspector for Arcata Fire District. I was doing an inspection of the apartment complex she lives in, and helped her install a new smoke detector.

Noticing how petite she was I mentioned Lori’s vintage clothing collection and that we were always looking for models to photograph her collection.

I was working on updating the web site for the vintage clothes and I wanted to update some of the photos. This particular bodice is one we bought in England back in 1995. It was the first piece I photographed for the collection, back in our 1914 bungalow in San Jose.

Since the garment fits the period of our house, I wanted to use it for photos in our recently completed parlor. Brandy ended up being a fun model to work with and I’m looking forward to more shoots with her.


Brandenic USA LLC spam & fraud

I kept receiving emails from this company, Brandenic USA LLC, advertising their digital marketing services. They were sent to an email address that is associated with and organization that I am the webmaster for.

The email listed the deficiencies they found in the website, which they could of course fix for a fee. Now being a webmaster myself, I knew that the things they listed in their email were not true, such as their claim that the site wasn’t mobile friendly.

Now normally, I don’t even read the messages that end up in my spam folder such as this one. But this company spammed me over and over in the course of a couple of days. So I decided I would use them as an example to see about taking a spam abuser to small claims court, which is allowed under California law.

Their emails had an unsubscribe link, which I had never subscribed to in the first place. Normally it’s a bad think to click on those links unless it’s a reputable company sending the email. But I figured it would boost my case to be able to prove that I tried to unsubscribe. I documented that process with a screen shot.

Sure enough, I continued to receive emails from them. Each email was now worth $1000 to me. After the second one, I decided to start pursuing a small claims case against them. The first step is to do a search on the LLC name, to find their address (which they don’t publish on their web site), and the legal contact for the corporation so that person can be served with the lawsuit papers.

What I found is that Brandenic USA LLC is not registered in the state of California. Using Duck Duck Go, I then did a search for Brandenic, and found sites with complaints that people had been defrauded by this company. The lawyers advised them that since they couldn’t find a legal filing for Brandenic USA LLC in the state database, there wasn’t much they could do.

Oh well, there went my small claims case. I can’t sue someone that doesn’t exist.

But if you receive the same emails from James Parker at Brandenic USA LLC, I wouldn’t give him your money.

Yelp reviews of Brandenic USA LLC were enlightening too.

Family Portrait Time

November 2019

Before traveling down to meet the siblings for Thanksgiving, my niece wanted a photo of Lori and I for her baby’s scrapbook, so he would have a record of who is family is.

My sister Linda sent a photo of her and her dog, so we thought we should include our cats in our photo. Easier said than done, especially when two of them don’t like each other all that well, and one of those cat’s does like to be held.

We did manage to herd them all together out by our new pond, and with the camera on my tripod I got a couple of shots off using my remote control before the cats had had enough.

I went inside with the card, loaded up the photos on my Mac, and was horrified that I managed to frame the photos so that Lori and I had our heads cut off. How was that possible, I had checked the framing with Lori in the photos when I set it up. Then I realized that the quick release plate that attaches the camera to the tripod had slipped, which caused the camera to tilt forward.

So with the quick release plate tightened extra tight, we rounded up the cats again, but couldn’t get George (the one on the ground) to cooperate, but fortunately I was able to photoshop him into the photo by grabbing him, putting him in the photo and then taking a quick shot before he took off again. Mr. Bingley (left) and Mr. Darcy (right) were better models and happier to be held, so it all worked out in the end.

The Knowles Family Portrait

Emma – Rock On

October 2019

I noticed Emma during this year’s Ferndale Dance Academy production, because she literally stood head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. At 5′-10″, Emma is 6 to 12 inches taller than most of the other dancers. I hope to work with her a lot over the next few months, as she is the same height as Lori, and she will be a good fit for many of the costumes that Lori has made over the years.

For our second shoot, we went up to Bear River Ridge, where she showed that pointe shoes can be adapted for rock climbing.

Emma, a young ballet dancer, dancing on top of a rock.

Pollinating the Gladiolus

September 2019

Even though we have a hummingbird feeder in our backyard, I still prefer seeing our little hummers working for a living. While I’m more than happy to provide the feeder when times are tough and there isn’t much in bloom, we do plant a lot of plants for their benefit, as well as ours.

This female Anna’s Hummingbird was enjoying sipping the nectar from the gladiolus we planted this year in our new cutting garden border.

Anna's Hummingbird feeding at our red gladiolus.

Hope – 1840s Bodice & Skirt

August 2019

Hope answered a Craigslist ad I had looking for dancers. She was off at ballet school but was going to be back home for a bit during the summer. Since she is so petite, I thought she might be able to fit into our 1840 Ensemble which is not only the oldest piece in Lori’s vintage clothing collection, it is also the tiniest. Not only is it one of the rare ensembles we have, it is extra special because it has both the day and evening bodices.

Even with Hope corseted down, she still wasn’t able to close the back on the bodice. Also, at 5′-0″ tall, she’s probably a few inches taller than the original owner of this garment. The bodice fits a 20″ waist so that gives you some idea of how small of a person this dress was made to fit. We’ll probably never find someone able to wear this dress, but it was nice getting good photos of it in our parlor.

Hopefully (no pun intended), I’ll get a chance to shoot with Hope again in December when she’s on break from school again. I still want to shoot her dancing, as the photos she sent me showed that she’s very accomplished and quite bendy.

Hope wearing 1840s Bodice & Skirt