Amanda – Senior Portrait

Better late than never. That’s what Amanda said when we recently shot her senior pictures. I thought she was planning ahead for her 2010 graduation, but she never got around to getting photos taken for her graduation this year.


She wanted to have her photos taken in the forest, so we headed down to the Avenue of the Giants. I was hoping to catch some fog in the morning but just a mile from our target the sun burst from the fog. I’m pretty used to working with the changing weather in Humboldt county though, so I knew we’d still have opportunities for good pictures.


She brought along a few of her favorite outfits, including her prom dress, and we brought along a vintage skirt from Lori’s collection. We enjoyed a leisurely walk through the forest, and it’s times like this that really reinforce my love of what I do. It’s not too bad working on a Saturday when your office is a redwood forest.


After we finished the shoot in the grove, we headed back up the Avenue. In Pepperwood we passed a fruit stand that had a sign in front advertising blackberry popsicles. Knowing how much Lori loves popsicles and blackberries, I glanced over to her to see if she had seen the sign. Her expression told me she had spotted the sign as well, so I quickly did a u-turn. The popsicles were delicious, and if you’re heading by Pepperwood, do yourself a favor and stop for some.

The proprietor of the stand also pointed us towards a great old walnut tree that I’ll have to use for a shoot someday.

If you are a graduating in 2010, now is a great time to have your senior portraits taken while the weather is so nice.