Blue Bird

May 2014

While shooting the group shots for the Ferndale Dance Academy, I couldn’t help notice one dancer in particular. Not only is Sharon Harrison becoming a very talented ballet artist, but her peacock colored costume was very eye catching.

I asked Laura East if I could take a few pictures of Sharon after we did the group shots since I was set up with lights, and shooting in the dance studio provides the room for giant leaps that were always hard to do in my studio.

Laura had a lot going on trying to manage 60 young girls and their parents, and even though it looked like she didn’t need any further distractions she agreed.

So after the group shots I quickly shot Sharon in a variety of poses, some still, and some action shots, like this one of her doing a fantastic dance move, that I would provide the name of if I knew anything about ballet. Which I don’t, except that I find it amazing that these girls can do what they do.

You can see this year’s Ferndale Dance Academy production, Once Upon A Time, June 20 & 21, at Eureka High School.

Sharon Harrison showing off her ballet moves