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La Marionette 2016

June 2016

This year, the Ferndale Dance Academy did a revival of La Marionette for their annual spring performance. For the last 13 years Aesthetic Design & Photography has been a sponsor of their production and I have donated taking their publicity and production photos.

Usually my favorite photos come from the Level III dancers, and it’s always exciting seeing them progress every year. But this year my favorite photo comes from one of the very young dancers. I just loved her expression and perfect poise in this photo.


My Personal Fern Canyon

May 2016

Most of the time, Williams Creek, which runs through my back yard, is the cause of headaches. In the winter it tends to flood, and the rest of the year, I’m pulling the weeds or cleaning up the silt that the winter floods brought. But every once in a while, I take a break from my chores and visit the creek when the water flow is down.

When ever I do take the time to enjoy it, I come away marveling that here, right in my back yard is scenery that other people go on vacation to see. I spent Memorial Day hiking around the banks and in the creek bed. I saw an eel, discovered a new plant, California Manroot, growing on one bank, took both detail shots and panoramas, such as this view of the creek bed, which is like a miniature Fern Canyon.


Mo’s Back

April 2016

Well I missed a few POTM postings because Christmas day an Eel River Disposal garbage truck pulled out right in front of me while I was riding the KLR650. I was lucky I didn’t actually hit the garbage truck, but I did injured my foot and ribs in the crash that ensued while trying to avoid doing a Wiley Coyote impersonation. So while I was recuperating from the injuries I wasn’t able or interested in going out to take photos.

This month I was finally able to get out, and after many postponements for bad weather, Mo and I finally found a nice evening to take some photos at the South Spit in Loleta. While doing our Victorian shoot in December, Mo demonstrated her awesome flexibility, so I wanted to do a shoot with her based on some of her yoga and gymnastic moves.


Driving the Bus

March 2016

After numerous unplanned expenses (medical, floods, home break-in, etc.) it became necessary to get a second job to help get out of debt. I got a job with CAE Transport, driving a Dial-A-Ride bus. Most of my day is spent avoiding crazy drivers, bicyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians in Eureka. But once in awhile I get to go for a nice drive in the country. Here my bus is posing in front of the covered bridge on Zanes Rd. in Elk River.


Soiled Dove

December 2015

During Ferndale’s hospitality night, Lori and I made our usual rounds of our favorite stores in Ferndale, and one that has always enchanted us, even before we moved here, is the Golden Gait mercantile store.

Filled with all kinds of wonderful merchandise downstairs, including my favorite brand of licorice, the Golden Gait is always a wonderful place to stop in and shop or just browse. If you do, don’t miss the trip upstairs, where there are displays of vintage store windows with mannequins wearing true vintage clothes, and many, many vintage items displayed around them.

In one window I noticed a really nice pair of Victorian shoes, and since I had a shoot planned with Mo, who has really tiny feet, I asked the owner, Julie Knowles (no relation) if I could borrow those shoes for the shoot. She graciously loaned them, and I’m so glad because they added so much to the shoot. We have some reproduction shoes, but they’re not like the wonderful button down shoes I was able to use. Having the right shoes makes my “soiled dove” image look far more believable.

Victorian lady getting dressed in her boudoir

A Rip in the Universe

November 2015

I recently started working a second job as a paratransit driver for City Ambulance in Eureka. This is the first time I’ve commuted to a job in over 30 years, so that is a big change. I do enjoy the drive to Eureka though, as it’s a beautiful driver through Ferndale and up 101.

One morning this month I was doing my normal commute when I noticed this very weird cloud formation. I had never seen such a straight edged cloud before. It made me think of Dr. Who, where there are rips in the universe. I watched for aliens the rest of the way to work but didn’t see any, and I didn’t hear of any cities being destroyed either, so maybe it was just a cloud.

Rip in the Universe


September 2015

While doing a shoot with a model on the lost coast I found this dried piece of seaweed and we used it for a few of the photos. The photos from the shoot weren’t all that great, due to the fact that the wind was sandblasting us both making her uncomfortable, and I was worried about ruining my camera equipment.

I really liked the piece of seaweed and thought it had potential just to display and so I brought it along when we left. If you look closely you’ll find a couple of embedded seashells.


Big Red

August 2015

Big Red is a 1955 American LaFrance fire engine that served Ferndale from 1955 to 1977, when it was sold to Westhaven. A few FVFD firefighters from Company 2 bought it back with the intention of restoring it, but after a few years of slow progress they decided to donate it back to FVFD.

Earlier this year a small group of us decided to spend our Tuesday nights getting the engine running again. First on the list was redoing the brakes and getting it a new set of rubber. Our hope was to have it running again in time for the Forth of July rides, but we missed that deadline. Finally in late July we took it for spin on a beautiful warm evening, and then a couple of weeks later we decided to give it a well needed bath.

Big Red, 1955 American LaFrance