Dancing on Water

July 2014

I first came across Clear Lake as a name while perusing Route 1 on Google Earth. Not to be confused with the Clear Lake in Oregon, this Clear Lake is really more of a pond. It took me awhile to find it, and it was actually by chance when I found it while riding my KLR650 in the area.

Seeing what a beautiful spot it was, I thought it would make a perfect spot for a photo shoot some day. The surface of the pond is usually quite still, providing a perfect refection of the trees and sky.

While photographing the Ferndale Dance Academy production this year, I heard that Sofia, one of their dancers, was moving to Washington soon. Sofia is one of the students who makes it so interesting photographing the FDA production year after year. She is one dancer who I’ve watched grow from a little girl, into a very talented dancer. Before she left, I really wanted to photograph her, and so the concept for Dancing on Water was born.

I didn’t want to use a Photoshop reflection for the photo, because that’s one of my pet peeves. Real reflections aren’t just an upside down image, they’re a different view. In a true reflection you’ll see the underside of areas that aren’t visible in the subject. So the biggest task was finding a way to do this that provided a real reflection, yet would keep Sofia safe and dry. It ended up being a very cost effective solution, after I dreamed of more expensive ways to do it.

Sofia ended up being a great model, and at the end of the evening, I was sorry I had to return her to her parents. They promised they’ll be back in October, so stay tuned, there might just be some more Sofia photos later this year.

Sofia, dancing on water