November 2014

This month we had to put down the last of our older cats, Trevor. He showed up 12 years ago and we don’t know how old he was when he showed up. His health had been failing the last few months as his body wasn’t absorbing most of the food he ate or the water he drank. So for the fourth time in the last year, we had to make that awful decision to down one of our cats.

We’re now left with just the two kittens, Darcy and Bingley, although they are barely kittens any more. This photo is of Darcy, in one of his sweet tender moments. Surprisingly, Darcy is the real rascal of the two, he’s most often the one instigating fights, and even more surprising, he gets the best of Bingley, even though Bingley probably has a couple of pounds on Darcy at this point.

But when he settles down, he’s a great comfort, and he’s quite the softy, a real treat to pet.

Darcy taking a nap on my lap