Edwardian Period Photograph Restored

This photo was sent to me recently for restoration. Labeled “Aunt Addie” on the back, guessing from her dress and hat, it is from around 1910.

The original photo had creases, fingerprints, an orange mark of some kind, and a really bad case of silvering. Oh, and the original photographer put an embossed mark on it too which was distracting.

Before after

The big challenge with photos that have silvered, is that the silver will reflect direct light, so scanning them you lose a lot of detail. Viewing the photo at an angle, you can see the detail is there, it’s just impossible to get it scanning the photo.

But if you photograph the print, you have more options for lighting, and that’s what I did for this one. Then with a reasonable original it was time to remove all the creases, smudges, and other marks with Photoshop. It took about an hour from start to finish to restore this photograph.