Emilia Wilk Atelier

This afternoon I was perusing a feed from a social networking site and saw that someone had liked one of my photos. That in and of itself wasn’t odd, but I realized it wasn’t a photo that I had posted on the site. I saw it was posted on someone else’s profile, and from the thumbnail, it appeared that they had stolen it from another site where it is posted and posted it as their own work. That’s happened to me before.

But when I clicked on the thumbnail, it became obvious that a painter had used my photo for his inspiration. Well, that’s being generous. Ripped me off is more like it.

Here is my photo on the left, and the painting on the right.

Woman wearing a Victorian corset Woman wearing a Victorian corset

The profile where I found the painting posted was some guy from Spain. But when I mentioned the copy to Melaine the model, she informed me that a quick reverse image search (done through Google or TinEye.com) showed that the image was from Emilia Wilk Atelier, a painter in Poland.

So I cruised on over to http://emiliawilk.com/ and found that she had copied one other photo of mine.

The Ballerina 43

Now I don’t know who this Emilia person is, whether she’s famous in Poland or not, or whether she actually sells any artwork or not. I don’t really care, because it’s not worth my time to pursue someone in Poland for copyright infringement. But it sure would be nice if Emilia Wilk Atelier would get permission from the artists when she copies their work.