Ferndale Jockey, Brittany Smith

While driving out Price Creek School Rd for the Titus family portrait session, Lori noticed the sign for Firesteed Stables, and commented, “That’s not a horse I would want to ride”. I agreed, thinking that any horse named Fire, Thunder, Tornado or any other natural disaster should probably be avoided. Me, I’ll go with the one named Marshmellow.

However there are people who not only ride those spirited horses, they make their living doing just that. Surprisingly, just a day after noticing that sign, an editor with the Sacramento News and Review called me. They were doing a story on a local jockey, Brittany Smith, and needed a photographer to take some pictures to illustrate the story.

So a few days later I found myself driving through the gate of Firesteed Stables to meet and photograph Brittany. She turned out to be an easy subject to photograph, with the kind of smile that makes every photographer relax. Yep, another tough assignment for this photographer, photographing a pretty woman and her horse.

Being a jockey, she’s also quite petite, and I’m hoping you might see her later on these pages dressed up in some of our Victorian clothes.

Brittany Smith Brittany Smith Brittany Smith Brittany Smith Brittany Smith Brittany Smith