Firemen’s Games 2015

February 2015

The middle of President’s Day weekend marks the day that Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department takes over Main Street for an afternoon of competition between the four fire companies.

Although over time the games have changed, traditionally the last 13 years since I’ve been in the department the games have included the Hose Lay, Buckets, and ended with Water Polo, sort of a tug of war where a keg suspended on a wire strung between two forklifts was pushed with water streams by opposing teams. The last two years, due to drought conditions, the water polo was replaced by other competitions. This year we had an obstacle course quick attack.

Several other things made this year’s competition different. First, it was held on a warm sunny day. While the east coast was fighting blizzard conditions, we were enjoying t-shirt weather. That explains the picture I decided on for this post. It was warm enough kids were jumping in the water to play! That’s not normal in February.

The other main change was the results of the Hose Lay. There are two awards handed out for the Hose Lay. The team that wins it gets the main trophy and of course bragging rights. The team that loses, gets the Hamburger Award, which entitles them to the honor of cooking hamburgers for everyone after the games are over.

Traditionally it has been Company 2 winning the hose lay, if not sweeping the entire games. Also as often, it would be Company 4 finishing up the afternoon cooking hamburgers. Well this year, every company won an award, but not the expected ones. Company 4 won the hose lay, and Company 2 ended up in the kitchen. Everyone agreed that the burgers tasted just a bit better this year.