Firesteed, again

The day after I photographed Brittany Smith, I received a phone call from Kimberly Goodrich, the owner of Firesteed Stables, where I had photographed Brittany. I figured it was somehow related to that issue, but coincidentally, she needed some web design work done and picked me after doing a web search. She had heard that someone had been out taking pictures the day before and was surprised to hear it was me. That made the third time in less than a week that Firesteed Stables and I crossed paths.

Kimberly is trying to sell her property, and a friend had put together a web site but it wasn’t showing up when people searched for horse property for sale in northern California or any other terms. I took a look at the web site and made a few suggestions, the main one being that she really needed better photography. If you’re asking someone to make a buying decision on the web, you need to provide professional grade photos to help that decision.

Getting to photograph Kimberly’s home was quite fun, as I really enjoyed her taste in art, color, and design. From seeing the Frederic Leighton posters upon entering the house, to the tableau with the dagger set up in her living room, the house shows a personality you often don’t see in people’s homes. Going from room to room I almost felt more like I was in a themed B&B than someone’s private home. It’s what I hope our house will someday be, if I can ever drag myself away from the garden long enough to work on it.

After doing the photography, Kimberly decided she wanted me to totally redo the look of the web site, and I used the color scheme of her interiors for inspiration. With it just being a one page web site, it’s not the easiest thing to get it to rank well on Google or other search engines, but at least if they do find it, the page will entice them into visiting, and hopefully purchasing this gem.

To view more photos of this horse property in Ferndale, you can go to the Firesteed Stables web site.

Exterior Living Room Living Room Bedroom