Mill Creek Falls – Take Two

After my disastrous first trip to Mill Creek Falls, I knew I wanted to go back and complete my mission.

Fortunately, I found out that my equipment was well covered by my State Farm policy and there was no deductible. I had sent the D600 and the 24-70mm back to Nikon for repair. It turned out opposite of what I expected. They were able to repair the lens but the camera was damaged beyond repair. So I ended up buying a lightly used demo D600 off of Ebay that came with a couple of lenses including a 70-300mm, for less than it would have cost to buy a D610.

On my return trip, I made sure the D600 was firmly locked to my tripod. It’s still a precarious spot to photograph, because there’s little room to set anything down without the fear that it’s going to slide down the rocks and into a pool of water. But I managed to explore a few different angles and got some nice shots.

I’d like to come back sometime when the water is really running. It’s been a drought year, so not the best conditions for waterfall viewing.

But still, it’s nice to know that Humboldt County has at least one pretty waterfall.

Mill Creek Falls