New Gallery Being Built

For the last few years I had been using ImageFolio Commerce software to display and allow ordering of my fine art photography. However it recently broke and the company doesn’t seem to be actively supporting it any more, not that their service was very stellar to begin with.

So I started looking around for replacements and decided to go with ZenFolio. Rather than being a CGI script running on my server like ImageFolio was, ZenFolio is run through their web site. There are many advantages to ZenFolio, but for my customers one of the biggest advantages is that you can now order products with my images in addition to ordering prints. So if you’ve ever wanted a Fernbridge coffee cup, or a Ferndale mouse pad take a look at the new gallery. There are lots of other products available too.

The gallery can be reached either through the links on our web site, or directly at Those of you that miss watching the slide show in the window of our Main Street gallery will find an ever growing slide show of Matt’s work on the gallery home page.

We’re still in the process of reloading all of the images so keep checking back for new images.