Picture of the Month is Back!

About the same time I was finishing up the last redesign of my web site, I was also preparing for donating a kidney to my wife Lori. So that left a bit of the site in limbo, mainly the Picture of the Month.

One of the goals of the redesign was to move the Picture of the Month (POTM) into the blog to make it easier for me to add entries, and for visitors to subscribe to it or search for past entries. I finally got some time to work on this and just recently imported all of the previous POTM entries from 1999 on into the blog. There were also a lot of entries missing from the 2009-2010 period where I was just to busy to update the POTM and so I went back through my photos and picked entries for the missing months.

One change I decided to make is the POTM is now being decided at the end of the month instead of the beginning of the next month. It makes more sense to have Christmas pictures as the December selection rather than posting them as the January selection. All of the other annual events make more sense too, such as wildflowers blooming in the right month.

I hope you enjoy the latest additions to the POTM. If you like my work, you can subscribe to the Picture of the Month RSS Feed.