Sarah’s Self Portrait

Picture of the Month – October 2005

This photo is part of a series I’ve been working on that has pictures within pictures. We shot this photo out on the Lost Coast, in the same spot that last month’s POTM was taken. Unfortunately, the day we picked ended up being very windy which only complicated further an already complicated photo. In addition to putting together the two photos of Sarah, and making one of them look like a painting, I also had to Photoshop my wife out of the picture because she had to crouch behind the easel and hold it so it wouldn’t blow away. This photo is much better when you see a full size print of it because the texture and styling in the painting gets lost at this resolution.

Update: This photo won the Grand Prize in the 2006 Vernal Equinox Photoshop contest, sponsored by the Eureka Photoshop User Group.