The Majestic

Picture of the Month – April 2001

In the spring of 2001, Ferndale was used as the fictional town of Lawson for the movie “The Majestic”. One of the plot lines of the movie is the restoration of the town’s movie theater. The Majestic theater was a set, built in Ferndale’s town parking lot, which just happens to be next door to our studio. The actual theatre in town, which is home to the Ferndale Repertory Theatre is barely seen in the movie, as it was disguised as a boarded up sporting goods store.

This photo was taken the first night after they completed the neon marqee and it was lit for the very first time. For a short time, Ferndale had a bit of a Vegas feel as The Majestic was far flashier than anything else in town.

The Majestic Movie Theater