Lost Coast Ranch

Picture of the Month – July 2001

The evening that I shot this picture, I was supposed to be a photographing a model at a local hotel for Lori’s vintage clothing web site. However the innkeepers failed to show up so we went to plan B, which was to photograph her at Centerville Beach and then later at the Lost Coast Ranch. During the photo shoot, we experienced a truly outstanding sunset and I felt very lucky to be there by accident.

Update 2011 – This area of the Lost Coast has long disappeared. Shortly after I took this photo the BLM took ownership of the property and immediately posted warning signs on the bluff about not going near the edges because the cliffs are unstable. I scoffed at the signs until I started noticing that every time I hiked out there the cliffs did indeed look different. Finally after one very wet winter, this whole area fell into the Pacific Ocean. One more reason why the Lost Coast name is so applicable to this area.

Lost Coast Sunset