Galen Rowell

Picture of the Month – August 2002

Usually in this space I feature a photograph that I took the previous month. This month I would like to pay tribute to the photographer who inspired me to become a professional photographer, Galen Rowell.

Tragically, on August 11th, 2002, Galen and his wife and business partner Barbara, were killed in a plane crash while returning to their new home in Bishop. Galen loved the Bishop area, taking many of his photographs in the surrounding Eastern Sierra mountains. This area was so inspiring to him that he had just recently moved his home and studio to the area.

I was fortunate to have met Galen on several occasions, the first time being a student in one of his three day seminars that was held in Bishop. I took this photograph of Galen during that seminar which was sometime in the mid 1980s. Just before hearing about his death, I had hoped that someday I would be able to invite him up to my studio and gallery. His passing is a further reminder of the fagility of our lives, and that we should enjoy every day of it. I am fortunate that Galen inspired me to seek out a profession that I truly love.

Galen Rowell

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