Backyard Sunrise

Picture of the Month – January 2004

The morning I took this picture I noticed the cloud formation first thing when I woke up. I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera and scooted out the door. I had planned to drive down to a flood plain on the outskirts of Ferndale to a location I had scouted earlier. When I got to my truck, I found the windshield was totally iced over, a rare occurance in Ferndale. It had gotten so cold at night that the side windows had even frozen shut. So since I knew that by the time I got the truck defrosted enough to drive it that the sunrise would be over, I made do with taking a series of panoramic photos in my backyard that I then stitched together to make a 180 degree view. The portion presented here is about half of the view. I’m very lucky to live in such a scenic area that I can walk out my front or back door and shoot beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Rose Ave Sunrise