Route 1 Wildflowers

Picture of the Month – June 2004

On a beautiful June Sunday, my wife and I went for a drive up to Route 1. I had been through Route 1 several times before, and in fact had tried on the motorcycle just a couple of weeks earlier and had found it was still blocked by snow in a few places. On this trip we found only one small patch of snow left, but the wildflowers were exploding. We found several meadows that were carpeted in various purple and yellow wildflowers. Two weeks later I revisited the area and unfortunately, the show was over, making it a very short season.

By the way, the Route 1 that I am referring to is a Forest Service road that runs along the South Fork ridge, not the coastal highway that most are familiar with. Route 1 runs from Hwy 36 in Mad River to Hwy 299 at Titlow Hill.

Route 1 Wildflowers

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