Main Street – Ferndale, California

Picture of the Month – February 2006

February was a pretty slow month photography wise for me. Rain, rain, and more rain kept me indoors most of the month, and since my Kodak SLR/n was in the shop, I didn’t do any personal projects. We did get a few days in the middle of the month where the sun did come out and it was a very welcome relief. The day I took this picture was obviously one of those days, and I had just received my camera back from the shop. I was on my way to the post office in the morning and I noticed two rarities that converged so I ran back and got my camera. First there was a beautiful blue sky, and second, there was only one vehicle parked along Main Street from the Gazebo to our studio. Had time to snap a few quick photos before about four cars and trucks quickly made the scene more normal.

Main Street - Ferndale, California