Lost Coast Mermaid

Picture of the Month – October 2006

A couple of months ago while I was draping Kaline in white spandex, I also brought along an antique lace tablecloth and used it in a few shots where she was holding it in front of her. Then I thought it would be cool to drape and pin it so it became a dress and we tried that with Melaine during the recent shoot with her. The lace made a very interesting dress, but the problem with it was that it trained in the front. So attempting to deal with that I made it into a fin shape, giving the whole costume a mermaid look. So I knew that it really needed to be photographed at the beach instead of in the studio. Fortunately, October gives us some of the best weather here on our normally foggy coast, and on one particularly very nice day, we took Sarah out to the Lost Coast, and carefully posed her on the rocks. This location was just down the coast from where Sarah painted her self portrait last year. I guess this will have to become an October tradition to pose Sarah out on the rocks along the Lost Coast!

Lost Coast Mermaid

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