Morning Snow at Kinman Pond

Picture of the Month – February 2007

The night before I took this picture I had traveled up to Kinman Pond in the hills above Ferndale, hoping to take some night photos in the snow. For this I dusted off my Pentax 645 and loaded some film, something I haven’t done in quite awile. I set up the first shot for a 15 minute exposure, hoping to catch some star trails since the clouds had cleared. About halfway through the exposure the clouds started rolling back in and att 13 minutes into the exposure the snow started coming down again. So we packed up and started our drive back down to Ferndale.

I thought a night of fresh snow would only improve the scene so the next morning we made our way back up to catch the sunrise. We were the first ones to drive down the road and it was really beautiful seeing the trees, barns and fences covered with a fresh 6 inches of new snow. It didn’t look like we’d get a sunrise, but when we got to Kinman Pond, the sun broke out between the fog and clouds for seconds at a time. I worked furiously during these lucky breaks and came away with about a dozen shots that I was really happy with. It started snowing again so we once again started back down, and I stopped at a little barn just to grab one throwaway shot of it, not really expecting much because of the snow. But once again my luck held out and within a few minutes the clouds parted and the sun came back out again, just long enough to get the shots I wanted.

Update 2/14/2011 – I still have the film in the camera from the attempt at night. One of these days I’ll finish the roll and see how it turned out.