Moon to Sun Fernbridge

Picture of the Month – July 2007

Five years ago while photographing a sunset at Fernbridge, I noticed that during the summer, the sun sets directly over the west side of the Eel River, and the moon rises directly over the east side. I thought it would be cool to do a panoramic photo showing both the sunset and the moonrise in one picture. This of course meant that it needed to be a full moon, because that’s when the sunset and moonrise occur at about the same time. For positioning and to be able to stand out in the middle of the river, it also had to be summer, either July or August. Which basically meant that I had two chances each year to get this photograph. So on the special evenings (if I remembered and wasn’t busy doing something else) I would check the sky to see if it would look like we’d get a good sunset. Usually it ended up with the fog rolling in and ruining my chances.

But last month the stars aligned (well, one was a star anyways) and everything worked out. It was such a warm evening and the water was so warm that I didn’t even notice that I went in to deep before I realized I was getting my wallet and cell phone wet. But it was worth it, and I was able to get it printed and framed just hours before it was due to be entered in the Humboldt County Fair for the juried art show. It won a Special Award, and I heard lots of great comments about it at the fair. It was also apparent that the view had a few people scratching their heads because they couldn’t figure out where it was taken from. The 200° view was throwing them.

We are selling this print in two versions. A limited edition of 30 signed and numbered prints will be made available in the 8″x36″ size. It is also available in an unlimited edition in the 3″x16″ size.