Mother Nature’s Diving Board

Picture of the Month – August 2007

Last month I was busy at staffing our booth at the fair, and then moving the studio and office to new quarters. I did manage one rather unique photoshoot though. Rick Phillis, my new landlord, called me up one afternoon and said he had a great photo-op for me. There was a huge log perched on the top of a rock in the middle of the Eel River, left there from the last big storm last winter. He wanted to get some photos of him diving off of it. Sounded interesting so the next day we went out there.

The hardest part was figuring out where to photograph it from so that it would really show how far the log was sticking out of the rock. That ended up being the island itself, as the river was too deep at that spot to stand in. So then I trusted $7K worth of camera and lenses to Rick and his cooler and he took them out there while I swam over. Rick did a number of dives and jumps as I photographed him from different angles. Adding to the complexity, (and his scores were adjusted correspondingly) was the wind factor which made it even more precarious walking out on the log. The first 10-15 feet were especially dangerous as the landing should he have fallen off would have been on the rocks below. It got me to thinking maybe I was there as much for my EMT skills as my photography skills. The afternoon ended with both him and my camera safely returned to shore, and a great set of pictures to boot.

Mother Nature's Diving Board