Natalie & Deoro

Picture of the Month – March 2009

When Natalie and I worked together last year, we discovered that we both wanted to do a romantic shoot with a horse. I pictured her galloping down the beach with the dress blowing in the wind, but the logistics of putting that together was more than I could manage.

First I wanted a pretty horse and finding one near a beach, and to have it be bulletproof was pretty tough. After a year of searching and numerous setbacks such as owners and horses dying, I finally settled on the pretty horse part. Melissa Fischbach was helpful in letting us use two of her pretty friesian stallions. 

My first shoot with Natalie we used this wedding dress from the 1930s so I knew she would look great wearing it. But mounted on a huge friesian she had a look of nobility. It wasn’t the shot I had envisioned a year ago, but still one I’m proud to have in my portfolio.


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