Springtime Revisited

Picture of the Month – June 2009

After moving away to the big city, Maria’s return to Humboldt County coincided with the blooming of my favorite wildflower patch. Maria and I had shot at this location a few years ago, and it’s a spot I find so beautiful that I try and return there every year. Last year we had such a late spring that when I visited it at the normal time the flowers were just getting started. That also happened to be the day that all the forest fires started and so I didn’t make a return trip back last year because it was so smoky.

So it was with great anticipation that I was looking forward to shooting there again during Maria’s visit. On the drive up, it kept getting foggier and foggier and we almost turned back. But just as I was thinking of turning the truck around, we’d get a break in the fog and it would encourage me on. Not knowing if there’d be enough light to shoot with when we got there, and if we would hit the flowers at their peak, we proceeded on, until finally we rounded one corner and there they were. My first thought was if nature can put on such a spectacle of color, how come the weeds in my yard aren’t this pretty?

The fog rolling through added to the scene, and we shot for about an hour before it finally just got too dark. Even though the display only lasts for a week or so, it’s such a beautiful spot it has a permanent date on my calendar.

Springtime Revisited

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