Ferndale Hillbillies

Picture of the Month – July 2009

Back in 2000 when I first moved to Ferndale, I was still shooting film predominately, and the place I took my film was Chromogenics, in Fortuna. Greg Rumney, the owner of Chromogenics is an avid collector of vintage photographs. Behind the counter was a photo taken in the Ozarks of 4 very gruff looking hillbillies. It is very hard to look at the photo and not smile, it’s such a brilliant depiction of the stereotypical group of backwoods hillbillies.

Greg told me it was his best seller and at first I didn’t believe him. But when I had my gallery on Main Street we sold a lot of those hillbilly photos for Greg. Since then Greg has gotten out of the film business and concentrates on selling prints from his collection.

I thought it would be fun to make my own version of the photo with a few of the local Ferndale characters. Andy Doehner, George Enos, and Richard Harpham joined me in recreating the photo, using Fernbridge as our location.

Since I did this photo just for fun, prints of my version aren’t for sale. I did exhibit this photo at the fair and it received a second place ribbon in the Professional Digital Enhanced class.