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Picture of the Month – February 2011

Ever since I moved to Ferndale, I’ve wanted to have the chance to photograph the Victorian Village covered in snow. This month was the closest I’ve come, for the first time we actually had snow stick at our house, which sits at about 40 ft. above sea level.

I knew there’d be lots of snow up in the hills so Lori, her sister, and myself got up early and drove up the Wildcat and across Bear River Ridge. We watched the sun rise on the drive up and the dawn broke with a clear blue sky. Quite a contrast to the trip up there the day before when it was snowing sideways so hard that I couldn’t even take pictures.

The only other people stirring that early was a few ranchers distributing hay to their cattle who no longer had a plentiful supply of grass to feed on. We came across this group of cattle and I thought it was funny how the cow on the right just didn’t fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Be Different

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