FRAY T-Jet Race Car

Picture of the Month – April 2011

March 3-4 was the big FRAY slot car race in Ferndale. My landlord at the studio, Rick Phillis, got me back into slot cars a couple of years ago and it was a great pastime to be involved with while I was recovering from the kidney donation surgery.

This year I used my own car to compete, one that Rick helped me build. It went pretty fast for a first time effort, although I have to admit my driving skills need to improve, especially on some of the more technical tracks. But I placed 46th out of 75, which I was quite happy with, given that most of the people there had multiple cars, pits filled with all kinds of specialty tools and hundreds of dollars if not thousands invested in their racing program.

After two full days of racing the rear tires were pretty shot, but I didn’t even have spares. I didn’t realize you could wear them out that fast.

After the racing was over we all took a break and then this month I started going through the car, cleaning it and replacing worn parts. But before I did that, I wanted a picture of the car in the post race condition.

Photographing real cars takes a large studio and huge light banks, but getting the same lighting effect on an HO scale t-jet is pretty simple. One softbox directly above, and a small reflector to highlight the front of the car was it.

Fray T-Jet Race Car