Too Much Snow

Picture of the Month – June 2011

My favorite wild flower patch is on Route 1, which runs across the ridge of the South Fork Mountains, from Titlow Hill on Hwy. 299 to Mad River on Hwy. 36.

I first discovered this patch in 2004, and have made a point of returning each spring to see it in bloom. In 2005 I took one of my favorite models, Maria, to the patch.

Because this patch of wild flowers is at its prime for only a couple of weeks, I usually start heading up there the first weekend in June to check their progress. Usually by this time the road has been cleared of any remaining snow. Depending on the winter we had, the patch is usually at its best the 2nd or 3rd week in June.

This year I went up at the beginning of June on my Triumph Sprint ST. I started from the north side and only got about 10 miles up the road when I started having to pick my way through the tracks in the snow. When I got to this blockage, I decided to turn around, since the Triumph isn’t the kind of bike I wanted to be on at the moment.

I tried again a couple of weeks later, this time taking my KLR650 and tried it from the south side. Same story. Still too much snow. I figured by the time the road would be opened this year the flowers were going to be long gone. I really wasn’t expecting to be featuring snow in June’s Picture of the Month, but that’s what Mother Nature dealt.

Snow on Route 1