There’s Always Next Year…

Picture of the Month – December 2011

Ferndale’s Main Street is a beautiful sight year round, but at Christmas time it has a special glow about it, dominated by America’s tallest living Christmas Tree. I’ve taken photos of the tree every year we’ve been in Ferndale, and for this year’s photo I wanted to take a panoramic view of Main Street and the tree.

Cruising down Main Street I was lucky to find a parking spot right in front of Valley Grocery. This put me directly across from the Ferndale Emporium, one of the prettiest Victorian buildings on Main St. No sooner than I pulled out the camera, someone came and parked his truck right in front of the Ferndale Emporium. Somewhat disappointed, I figured he had every right to park there. But then he never even got out of his truck. I was tempted to ask him to move but I figured he’d eventually move. He didn’t.

So I started taking the photos and when it was apparent his truck wasn’t deserving to be the center of attention, I moved down the street a bit and started over. Taking a panoramic, especially at night is an extended process as have to take several exposures as you pan the camera around, in this case 180 degrees. I was just finishing up the last exposure when the fire siren went off, so I had to pack up and leave before the last exposure was done.

I figured I could always try again another night this year. But then we left to go out of town for Christmas and when I got back I came down with a flu that kept me a short distance from the bathroom for several days. By the time I was feeling better, the lights were off. So my grand plan for a Main Street Christmas pano never got realized. Which was really a shame because we had some great weather and some beautiful sunsets that would have made great pictures.