Sakura Blossom

Picture of the Month – July 2011

In July we travelled back down to the Bay Area for Lori’s 2 year checkup for her cochlear implants (which went very well by the way). I wanted to use the opportunity to return to a location I used in our last visit, a culvert that runs under a road in the Santa Cruz hills.

The model of choice for this session goes by the name of Sakura Blossom. It was interesting working with her because she likes to keep her identity hidden in photos so each photo had to hide her face either in cropping, pose or lighting. Normally that restriction might make me choose another model, but Sakura Blossom had one advantage that was appealing. She is tiny. That comes in very handy for modeling Victorian clothes.

The camisole and drawers she is wearing have only been worn by one very tiny 16 year old girl so far, and the corset, well she was the first model tiny enough to wear it. The corset measures 18″ around the waist, and Sakura Blossom’s natural waist measurement was 21″ so it fit her pretty good. I had pretty much given up hope of getting this corset photographed on a model, and I am glad to finally ditch the photo of the pillow we had been using up to this point.

It was a pleasure working with Sakura Blossom, and she was the first model I’ve worked with that brought chocolate (and good chocolate at that!) to the shoot to share. Now that’s the way to make this photographer happy!

Sakura Blossom