Kellyanne – An Edwardian Lady

Picture of the Month – January 2012

During the Centennial Celebration for Fernbridge, Jerry Lema used his antique flat bed truck to ferry a bevy of beautifully dressed women across the historic bridge. One of those women was my wife Lori looking gorgeous as usual in her period garb. Sitting next to Lori was a young woman who I had never met before, but she had the most astounding period look. She had the perfect hair, face and makeup; she looked just like an old photo that had come to life. I instantly knew I wanted the chance to photograph her.

Luckily, Lori had found out a bit about her and knew that her mother Paula worked at the Ferndale Post Office. Lori will strike up a conversation with any woman how has long hair, which mother and daughter both have. So through Paula we found out that Kellyanne would be interested in modeling, but she was only going to be in Humboldt for a bit longer as she was going to Switzerland in a few weeks.

So we scheduled a shoot for just after the holidays, but on the day of the shoot I wasn’t feeling like I should be outside of a 5 second perimeter of a bathroom. So I had to cancel. First time I had to flake on a model after having about a 50% record in the other direction. I felt bad, but really there was nothing I could do.

When I next ran into Paula at the Post Office I found out we still had a small window to shoot before Kellyanne departed for the land of chocolate, fine time keeping machinery and anonymous bank accounts.

On the day of the shoot we first dressed Kellyanne in some vintage lingerie and an Edwardian dress. She looked just perfect in that ensemble, and when I get some time I’ll add those photos to our vintage clothing website.

Next we had her try on an Edwardian costume that Lori made and it looked spectacular on Kellyanne. I’ll post more photos of the dress on Lori’s web site once it’s ready to go.

I’m looking forward to Kellyanne’s return from Switzerland and having her back in our studio again.

Kellyanne - Edwardian portrait