The Real Fern Cottage

Picture of the Month – February 2012

One of the many historic Victorian homes in Ferndale is named Fern Cottage. Obviously in a town called Ferndale, you can expect to find a few ferns, and early reports of the area include descriptions of the valley floor being covered in them. Now it’s mostly pasture land and the ferns have the surrounding hills as their refuge. But it’s easy to see how the early settlers would have wanted to call their home Fern Cottage.

In Rhode Island or England, you’ll find homes that are described as cottages only because they were not the family’s main residence. For those of us living in 1800 square foot homes, these “cottages” are mansions beyond belief! Fern Cottage in Ferndale doesn’t quite reach those epic proportions, and it might have started out as a cottage, but it is now the reflection of a family that grew and grew, the house growing with it.

Earlier this month I was riding my Triumph down Highway 36, one of my favorite rides, and one I’ve done very often. But this ride on the way out I noticed this little cottage, covered in ferns. I made a mental note of where it was so that I could photograph it on the way back.

Because my return was later than I had planned the light was getting dim, and I didn’t have a tripod. But I did have my  24-70mm 2.8 with me, and opening it wide gave me just enough to be able to hand hold the exposure.

Certainly this little relic can claim the title to be the true “Fern Cottage”. This too me is what a cottage should look like.

Fern Cottage