Eryngium Amethystinum

Picture of the Month – August 2012

After working in our own garden all spring and summer, Lori and I decided to take one day off and enjoy a garden we didn’t have to pick the weeds from. So we headed up to the Humboldt Botanical Gardens in Eureka. The gardens have made great progress since the last time we visited, back when they first opened.

One of the plants I really liked and was hoping they had for sale in their nursery was Eryngium amethystinum ‘Sapphire Blue’. They had masses of this spiky plant in their blue section. Bees and ants were busy collecting the pollen and nectar so it seemed the perfect time to pull out the macro lens.

Unfortunately when we got to the sale nursery, they didn’t have any specimens of this plant for sale, so we’ll have to keep looking for it.

Eryngium amethistinum 'Sapphire Blue'