Just one of those days…

Picture of the Month – September 2012

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? I recently had one of those days, and it ended up proving that it doesn’t take a fancy, expensive DSLR to take a good picture.

It started off as a project to take the group and individual photos for this year’s Humboldt Dance Force, a group of select dancers taking classes at the Ferndale Dance Academy. The plan was to take the photos at the South Spit beach, a beach I’ve used numerous times because it has a wave plain that makes for some great reflection shots.

There are a number of places to park along the 5 mile long South Spit, so I told the dancers I would be there early, and just look for my blue pickup truck. As planned I got there early, and decided to make the short hike to the beach to check out the current conditions. On the way back I noticed some yellow lupines, and that’s where the problems started.

I had wanted to plant some of these in my garden, and since they’re a non-native plant the beach is trying to get rid of, I didn’t think they’d mind if I took some seed pods. When I got back to the truck, I looked in the cab for something to put the seeds in, and didn’t find anything suitable. So I went back to the bed and looked there, again coming up empty for any kind of container. So I figured I’d just dump them in one of the truck’s cup holders.

First problem, the truck was locked. Funny, because I didn’t remember locking it and there certainly was no need to have locked it at that point. Problem two, I could see my keys sitting on the seat. Problem three, the camera was now locked in my truck. Fortunately I had my iPhone.

I called my wife and explained the situation and asked if she could bring me a set of keys. No problem. Right after I hung up, I got a call from Laura East, the owner of Ferndale Dance Academy. Only it wasn’t Laura on the phone because she was driving and being a good girl and not talking on her cell phone. It was one of the students, Sharon, and she said they were just leaving Ferndale. So I explained my lockout situation and asked her to have Laura stop by my house and pick up the keys for Lori. I hung up and quickly called Lori back and told her that Laura would be stopping by, and Lori said she’d wait outside with the keys for Laura.

15 minutes later Laura arrives at the beach without the keys. Apparently Sharon thought I told her I was stopping by to get the keys. Not sure how I was going to do that when I couldn’t get in my truck, but I couldn’t worry about that now. I tried calling Lori back, but it was obvious she was outside still waiting for Laura, and she didn’t have her phone with here.

So now I had Laura, 12 students and their parents waiting around for a shoot, and I had no camera. I thought about using my iPhone, but fortunately one of the parents had a Nikon point and shoot with them so I ended up using that. It was a bit limiting, and I had no idea if I got good shots or not until I got back home and looked at them on the computer. Other than having to crop or get rid of the date & time stamp in each photo, they actually turned out quite nice.

After the shoot I was finally able to get ahold of Lori, and I got her to come out and deliver the keys, so the evening ended well. Not exactly how I would have liked to do the shoot, but sometimes you just have to work with what you’re given.

Sharon, Humboldt Dance Academy