Rainbow on Rose

Picture of the Month – December 2012

After experiencing two of the worst floods in our yard in early December, the month got worse as we then had to tear apart the house to move the heating ducts from the crawl space to the attic. Just as we were doing that, Williams Creek Water’s reservoir ran dry due to a leak that no one noticed because there were so many puddles from all the rain we received.

So here we were at Christmas, with no heat, no water, a bathroom that had been gutted, and a yard destroyed by 8 to 12 inches of silt. The day after Christmas things started getting better, with Evans Mechanical showing up to start the new installation. I happened to walk out to get the mail one afternoon, and saw this rainbow doing a perfect arc over our house and garage.

With all the expenses incurred from the flood, we could have used the pot of gold at either end of this rainbow. But even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen, the site of the rainbow cheered me up, and at that point, I appreciated anything positive happening at home.

Rainbow on Rose Ave, Ferndale