Morning Clouds in Ferndale

Picture of the Month – January 2013

This month Lori and I started taking early morning walks around Ferndale. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but just something I decided we should do. The dry weather we experienced this month made it easy to keep to our schedule, even if the cold weather did make it a bit harder on my back.

Getting out on our walks around 7am meant we got to see the sunrise, and quite often it Ferndale, that’s worth getting up for. The morning this picture was taken, it was a spectacular sunrise, and I took several photos of it, including a really nice panorama.

But at the end of our walk, when we were at the intersection of Rose and Grizzly Bluff, I noticed this interesting cloud formation over the hills. In the end, I loved the simplicity of this photo more than the fantastic hues of the earlier sunrise photos taken that same morning.

Morning Clouds in Ferndale

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