Route 1 Wildflowers

May 2015

April flowers bring May flowers. That’s the popular saying. Only this year there weren’t very many April showers, and really no amount of snowfall in the nearby mountains.

Route 1 runs for 50 miles along the ridge of the South Fork mountains, at an elevation of 4-5 thousand feet. Some years I haven’t been able to get through even in July due to the lingering snow. This year, I was able to make the full length ride in early May, without a single trace of snow on the ground. In fact, much of the grass was already drying out.

Being able to get up there that early in the year, I was expecting I might see different wildflowers than my normal rides later in the year. This display of lupines on the hillside caught my attention. When I passed my favorite wildflower patch I saw that they were still just getting started, but unfortunately it looked like someone grazed their cattle through that area so I’m not sure it’s going to be a good display there this year.

South Fork Mountain lupines