Route 1 Rocks

Picture of the Month – July 2013

I mean that literally and figuratively. Yes, these are some rocks I found while exploring Route 1 on my KLR. But I could also mean it as “Route 1 Rocks!”

Route 1, which runs for 50 miles from Titlow Hill on Hwy 299 to Mad River on Hwy 36, is one of my favorite motorcycle roads. Not only does it connect two of my other favorite roads around here, but it is a scenic beauty, usually traffic free, and has lots of interesting minor roads to explore off of it.

I spent some time on Google Earth exploring the route last month and in the middle of the forest I saw this large rock field. So I set out on the KLR to find what it looked like for real. It was quite impressive, and I particularly liked this natural stone chimney, that looked like it might be the next section to peal away and crumble into the pile below.

Stone formation off of Route 1.