Saying Goodbye to Ricky

Picture of the Month – October 2013

Ricky came into our lives in 1998, when a feral cat we had been trying to make friends with presented us with a litter of four male kittens. Ricky’s mother, Meg, later joined our household as well, and we kept Ricky and his brother Galen, while Wedgewood and Einstein moved to my brother’s house.

Ricky outlasted all his brothers by several years, and it was a good thing too, because he was our favorite from the beginning. An interesting gene pool gave him a funky tail, but he was the funniest and friendliest cat of the bunch, and always kept us entertained in his younger years.

As all cats do when they get older, playtime wasn’t as common the last years, but he could always be counted on for keeping us company on the couch, and warming our laps.

Early this month, we took him to the vet because he was having trouble eating. He had a pretty bad infection going on with his molars and the vet felt that at his age it wasn’t wise to put him under so they could pull them. He had already lost some teeth so I wasn’t feeling that was a good option either. We tried a round of anti-biotics, but after a few more days he stopped eating completely. On the day he was supposed to go back for a further checkup, we instead decided to have him put down.

It’s always a terrible decision to do that, but it always seems the right thing to do when a pet is suffering. I took this photo of Ricky having one last nap in one of his favorite spots while we waited for the veterinarian to come to our house.

Ricky, you’re going to be missed.