Shooting in the Backyard

Sometimes I travel great distances for photo shoots, sometimes I just venture into the nearby forests. But I often forget that my own backyard offers a great location for shooting.

City dwellers often drive great distances to get to a scenic brook, and yet in my backyard, when it’s not flooding and making a mess of our yard, Williams Creek is a pretty, tranquil spot.

While we’ve lived here for 13 years, I had never used the location for a photo shoot. Not sure why, but we often neglect what is closest to us, as it becomes too familiar. While clearing out some of the dead wood and and other debri in the creek, getting it ready for winter, it struck me how lucky I was to have this beautiful spot so accessible.

I was really struck by how the orange moss on the willows contrasted nicely with the still green leaves. So I scouted a few locations and was determined to do my next photo shoot down in the creek.

We dressed Desirae in some of our vintage clothing for the shoot, and while the actual day was quite chilly, the photos evoke a warm summer afternoon, in days gone by.

20131021-Desi-Rae-054 20131021-Desi-Rae-087a 20131021-Desi-Rae-068